Dynasty draft 3-4 Round RB help

So if you went WR WR in round 1-2 who would you take in 3rd or 4th as a RB.

PPR scoring. Dynasty

Derrius guice
jerick mckinnon
Jordan Howard
Rasaad Perry
Derrick henry

Thanks so much for the help.

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McKinnon and Howard (or Penny if Howard is not available)

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Henry and McKinnon. Or Guice. But 100% Henry.

Henry in PPR?

I still think his production on 1st and 2nd down will allow him to produce despite Deon Lewis taking the bulk of the catches.

you dont want to take the risk that early of doubling up on rookie RBs. so i go with the versatile mckinnon, and penny. if not that, then i switch it and go guice and howard. but i want one of those rookies so im putting them in one way or another. i also want backs that compliment each other very well. a pass catcher with a pounder. steady as she goes with a go that can burst out a big game for you. henry is tempting, but i would rather have a combo of the other 4.


Mckinnon and Penny

Work load for both as well as targets…Howard would be next followed by guice and henry


@BusterD i don’t have to go back to back RB… I could just go 1 RB and then go 1 WR… Then by round 4 I’d have 3 WR and 1 RB…

Starting requirements are 3WR, 2RB and 2 flex.

So would you go RB RB in round 3and 4 or split and go 1 WR and 1 RB

WR around that time would be (jeffery, watkins, baldwin, Josh gordon, DJ Moore

3WR 2 FLEX makes having good WRs key. i would be crazy enough to go 5 WRs to start. then poach some late round RBs. but its all about who is available at the time, and also what everyone around you is doing. so lets say somehow keenan allen makes it to the third round and to your pick. im not taking an RB at that point. ill take allen and be happy with it. hell in a regular redraft i have been going 3 or 4 WRs to start, and just playing it smart with my RBs. low risk guys that are all but locked for a certain amount of touches.

i better stop before i get way too long winded haha. i was about to go on a long one there. so long story short, with that many WR spots open to be filled, i have no issue with you going WR heavy. but if a couple other people do the same, go crazy on WR, then you will actually get good value on RBs. so just watch what others are doing, and play the values that come your way. so long as the first 6 rounds are players you will start, i usually dont care so long as im getting my values where i can.

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i really like penny and mckinnon at this point above all others…! think these 2 have a 3-down role right away! personally i would feel better with penny but thats just me :wink:

as @BusterD said in a ppr with 3WR/2Flex you could easily pick a third WR here…from which Position you are picking from? if you are near the turn it could be a good spot to go RB/WR or verse versa. Check out what the players behind you probably lean to do (f.e. if someone went RB/RB).

Thanks guys for all your help…
Mckinnon went the pick before me… So i took tyreek hill in the 3rd and penny was there in the 4th 7 picks later so i snagged him

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In all the mocks I’ve been doing so far, this is the combo I’ve been trying to nab coming back.

People are going so RB-crazy early that I’ve been getting the likes of AB/Julio or OBJ/Allen and then coming back with those two guys, if possible. People are down on Howard this year, but I’m hoping that he’s going to have a Gurley-esque bounce-back with a new regime there.

Obviously I’m not expecting the same kind of awesomeness that Gurley is doing now, but they’re talking about getting him more involved in the passing game and a there’s a little bit of talk about using Turok Cohen in the Turok Hill role that Nagy used in Kansas City, so I’m hoping that Cohen gets used in a way that doesn’t take a lot away from Howard.

i like that. penny is decent value in the 4th. i always try to get him in the 5th, sometimes 6th round. but its hard to argue his production potential there. he has a workload all but locked up. lookin at lynchs time there, if they use him that way, thats 250-300 carries and about 30-40 receptions. thats pretty damn good for the 4th. and hill in the 3rd, although not a great value, matches up with what you have done so far. as your 3rd WR, thats pretty strong. if its me though, i skip hill and go with watkins instead later on. cheaper, on the same team, can do everything hill can do and more, and is getting paid like their number 1 WR, cause, well, he will be. lol.

Henry & McKinnon Penny…last year I took Hunt and Kamara I have to give one up keeper league…lol

for me i go Howard for a number of reasons your going to want some kind of proven production at RB and I dont get why people are sleeping on howard he is an RB1. Even last year with cohen and a putrid offense he came in at #12 in full PPR #10 in Standard Thats a Low End Rb1, Not to mention he is young and has alot of upside with the new offense. Mckinnon is getting alot of hype b/c he is the new shiny thing on a new team i think he is more of an RB2 once all said and done. Penny is the only other one i would consider personally out of that grp he is the only other one with true RB1 Upside but chris Carson isnt going down w/o a fight and has been having good camp so far, but he will get the job eventually b/c of draft capital. You can get alot of Rb2 with possible 1 upside in later rounds like some of the other rookie Rbs personally i dont want to wind up with a bunch of RBs whose role isnt 100% certain, Going Howard you know his role is there and you know he can produce.