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Dynasty Draft Advice


I’m in a 10 team dynasty league with 9 keepers per team and an NFL style draft (team in last place during the season drafts 1st). I have the #5 pick and will likely have my choice of any rookie except Corey Davis, Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, and Joe Mixon. I really like Dalvin Cook but I was wondering if there is anyone else I should consider drafting at that spot.


Hard to tell without knowing what 90 players have been picked. Dalvin Cook is probably a fine pick, but if there’s a veteran you know has been and will be productive, I’d be willing to go that way. If you’re only looking for rookies, I’d go Cook.


What he said. lol


Jamison Crowder is probably the best talent going into the draft but the first round is almost guaranteed to be all rookies. the only other guy I was thinking about would be mike williams but i feel like he’s not going to be a great asset in his first year and might end up getting dropped?


If Crowder is there, he’s my pick.