Dynasty Draft Best position to draft?

I am doing a start-up dynasty draft. Half PPR and no real unique rules. We used the PGA tournament to determine who got priority with picks. So if you had the best golfer, you don’t necessarily have to take the first overall.

I got the 7th priority. Would you just take the 7th pick at that point? Or maybe take a later pick to give a better 2nd rounder. My thought would be 9 or 10 since all of the players in the 7-11 range are all very similar and interchangeable, but the players that are later in the 2nd round, aren’t necessarily as good.

What are your thoughts?

I like the 5-7 spots. You never feel like you’re reaching for your guy and you never have to wait long for your next pick.

I picked 6th and was able to get Davante Adams and Mike Evans with the first 2 picks and got Kerryon Johnson in the 3rd.