Dynasty draft decisions

Alright guys I need some advice. My 10 team dynasty draft is Friday, and I’ve got some capital to play around with. I’ll leave a pic of my current team below, but essentially I have a large need at RB.
I’m sitting with the…
In this draft, and also have a 2021 1st and 3 2021 2nds to play with. What would you guys recommend doing with the capital? Pay the kings ransom to move up? Stay put and snag 2-3 of the top 5 RBs? Move back with the 1.06? Thanks guys!

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I would stay put imho. Picks 4,5,6 will be solid. If you still need RB help after that, trade some of those young WR. They should get something good in return


Stay put. Grab 2 RB and Lamb. The rest can sort itself out. You will likely get access to Vaughn at 2.04. If so, grab him and then back fill with whatever WR are out there. If not, you still added some nice RB depth and you are sitting on Barkley.

As noted, if you need more RB which you might, add it through packages of your strong WR core. Everything looks good, but I’d not do anything wacky and just draft your guys.

Just my thoughts, but I hope they help!

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