Dynasty Draft Format question

When doing a startup after the nfl draft has passed is it better to throw veterans and rookies into the start up or can you still set it as a veteran draft with rookie picks and then have a rookie draft later?

You can do it either way you want to. I would suggest separating them but that’s just my two cents. I would suggest doing an auction draft for both of them though so everyone has a level playing field to grab who they want to grab. You could always do a snake draft with random order and then reverse the order for the rookie draft or something too.

How many rounds do rookie drafts usually last? Just 3?

Depends if its offensive players only I generally go 3 rounds, If we have IDP I will take it to 5 rounds.

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It depends on how many roster spots that you have as well, we have a 25 man roster and 3 rounds is a perfect amount for that league, but if you have 30 or more you may want to increase the amount of rounds

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