Dynasty Draft need 2nd RB

Should I draft Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, Aaron Jones, or Leonard Fournette? Already have Zeke and Juju

Chubb would be my choice out of these options.

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Are you guaranteed to get whichever one you want? I don’t have any dynasty leagues but I’d imagine Chubb would be the most valuable. Followed by Michel, Fournette, & Jones. Honestly I’d be cool with any of these guys.

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Most likely. I’m on deck in a slow draft and I’ll at least have the choice between three. I’m thinking Chubb for sure if he’s there. Thanks for the response!

Kerryon Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, and Kenny G are also there

I’m between Kerryon, Chubb, and Jones. Think Jones is locked in for the future with McCarthy leaving GB finally. Chubb is great, Kerryon is great and will be great in the future. Fournette is wonderful but has health issues, and same with Michel.

Would heavily consider a WR though because honestly, this thread just shows how many solid RBs there are out there compared to WRs. If you can do Zeke, Juju, another solid WR and then come back to get Lindsay (or any of these damn RBs), I’d be stoked. Good WRs are much more rare to come by in today’s NFL it seems like.

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