Dynasty Draft option

Been getting offers for my 1.01

Ebron and James Washington
Hunter Henry and Jamaal Williams

I need a TE, have Rudolph, Dickson, RSJ, and Higbee…not great options.

Was also offered Bell and a 4.06 for my 1.01 and 2.05. Have Kamara, Carson, Cohen, Perine.

Dynasty is tougher…

Ebron/Washington and Henry/Williams are hard passes unless you’re in a TE premium. If not, draft Irv Smith Jr at the 2.05 and sure up the Min TE spot.
The bell is interesting but I’d rather have Jacobs and my 2nd round.

I pass on all of these.

The Bell option is the only one worth considering. But you should probably stand pat and take Jacobs

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