Dynasty draft pick 6

I have the 6th pick in my upcoming dynasty rookie draft. It’s a 10 team league. I would like to get DJ Moore I believe. Is that about what I should be shooting for at that spot? I’m pretty new to dynasty (2nd year) and WR is my weakest area in my opinion… Or should I take a RB if one falls and look for a wr later in the draft? I guess should I consider team need in a dynasty over “most valuable” available. Thanks!

Unless you have a major hole, I’d go BPA.

My hole isn’t as glaring since adding Watkins and Diggs via trade.

If you want DJ Moore and he is there at pick 6 go for it. He will be starting day 1 and could be a stud. I like to go WR early in a dynasty anyway. They tend to be a better asset in the long run as they tend to stay healthier and last longer. With everyone going crazy for the rookie RBs this year, he should be there for you at 6.

In a rookie draft, I would highly suggest you draft best player available and not for need.

Drafting best player available gives you value which you can use to start weekly, sit on your bench and increase in value or trade for a piece yo do need.

As an analogy, let’s say you’re at a food court line and someone hands you a plate. There is a juicy steak with mushrooms, a warm roll, some asparagus and a cob of corn. You notice that they forgot to put the baked potato you asked for on on the plate. They hand you another plate with another steak and so forth. Do you hand this back and say “Sorry, I just need a potato” ? NOPE. You take that damn plate! And eat like a king. Or trade it away for a potato +.

Interesting analogy lol

Ok here the deal I been dynasty for last ten years. One thing I wish I paid more attention to was getting WR1, do I think Moore will be WR1 no, I think he could turn into a Diggs like level player. Most time there is always three to four good RBs to draft.

One of the better things for is your draft position for this year, the first six to seven picks have been most RBs, if you sit you might get trade offer for player to move back and still get Moore.

Moore been in all over the place in my drafts going from 5 to 2.1 so if he is your guy get him.

One thing I also learn in dynasty is get the guy you want, who cares about the ADP, draft value and best player available. You keep this player forever and if fail he fails move on

Who do you have as a wr1 among the top players at the position? I don’t like Ridley, especially for immediate results. I like Kirk but I don’t think he’s better than Moore. And Sutton is a project. I wish Gallup would have gone somewhere with good coaching who would use him to his potential…

For the current rookies I do not think anyone is WR1 Sutton could but I watch him live in Dallas a couple of times and always thought Quinn was the better WR on the field. Next year WR class has a couple of the top of my head.

Do I think Moore is the top WR of this class yes, but do I think you could a value with Miller and Kirk yes. It is just tough to project Moore in my opinion with Cam, though he has never had these weapons