Dynasty draft RB

1/2 point PPR and I have Nick Chubb on my dynasty roster. Would you trade Chubb away for the #1 pick (basically for Edwards-Helaire)

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Yes, because I like the upgrade in ceiling with CEH on a better offense.

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I would do it but I would be exceptionally recluctant. Chubb IMHO is the best pure RB in the game. Hunt messes with that, and we do not know what 2021 will look like. Chubb is also underrated as a pass catcher. I think he is one of the top long term RB potentials (in a vacuum) playing.

That said, CEH is walking into a fantastic situation. I do not for an instant think he is better than Chubb, but 100% his situation is. In FF, situation is always the tie-breaker for me and in this case that tips heavily to CEH.

I would definitely make that trade but wanted to layout that it has nothing to do with thinking CEH is the better RB. It’s all about situation. I hope this helps!

This is a very risky move, but a fine move to make if you’re okay with that. Chubb is a locked in high floor low end RB1. CEH could be amazing, he might not be.