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Dynasty Draft Recommendations (1st Timer)


I am drafting in my first ever dynasty draft tomorrow. All teams are starting fresh and I am just wondering how drafting and ranking players changes. Any recommendations/help you can offer would be appreciated.


Depends. What kind of draft is it? Are you doing rookies seperate? Are there contracts and salaries for yoyr players, or if you pick up a guy do you just have him for as long as you want? Dynasty can be tricky and getting these answered will help a lot.


The general wisdom is to value WR over RB for longevity and value youth but also take advantage of veterans who may be undervalued. Additionally I would recommend dynastynerds for rankings, best free dynasty website


Don’t pay too much for veterans who will be out of the league in the near future, BUT at the same time, as @rehzeh said- take advantage of other owners with an overly negative bias towards those older guys.

If the other owners in the league are already Dynasty savvy, you might be able to take advantage of them over-valuing youth. While if most of the owners in your league are new to Dynasty like you… then you might be able to take advantage of them over-valuing the veterans. Example: Long time keeper league did a Dynasty startup last year (so mostly redraft minded players) and Jamaal Charles went EARLY :nauseated_face:


We are doing our first draft so we are just drafting all players in one big draft for the first year. No contracts or salaries, just keeper. I can keep my entire team as long as I want with the keeper system.