Dynasty Draft Results (rate me)

QB Phillip River
RB Christian McCaffrey
RB Rashad Penny
WR Michael Thomas
WR Allen Robinson
WR Corey Davis
TE Trey Burton
FLX Jameson Crowder
FLX Mike Williams

BN Alex Smith
BN Giovanni Bernard
BN Jeremy Hill
BN Duke Johnson
BN Ty Montgomery
BN Kenneth Dixon
BN Quincy Enunwa
BN Geronimo Allison
BN Keelan Cole
BN DJ Moore

IR Hunter Henry

TX Josh Allen

I found myself punting RB kind’ve just because guys I liked were getting reached on and WR value was there especially considering our roster set up WR are valuable.

RB situation is rough. I would have like to see a more youthful QB as one of your main guys, I guess Allen counts.

In general i think I disagree withyour fliers, but meh. like… C+

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There are so many ways to draft, it is hard to really gauge when it is not your style. This team is not my style. While I love WR, I try to do so while securing an RB now and again. It sort of looks like you really punted RB (unless this is PPR in which case I get the bench). It looks like you went a bit strong into the uncertain RBs and are hoping depth charts really go against how they look presently. That might be a strong gambit, but outside of Duke, I do not see a stable FLEX on your RB bench at this moment. Granted, that can change and you have guys who would take advantage of a shake-up. It is simply riskier than I would have gone.

I love the all upside in your WRs and I think Josh Allen might be a sneaky good QB.

For me, I I would give this a C+ as well. Maybe a B- if you are in PPR. But this is just how I would feel coming out of a draft with this squad.

Great draft, great balance. MT in the 1st is definitely the right pick. And assuming this is a half or full ppr format, I’m totally fine with CMac as my RB1.

You’re WR core is rock solid with great youth. I have davis everywhere I could. If he is what I think he is, you’ll be totally fine down the road by just draft rookie RBs going forward in rookie drafts.

Not a fan of guys like Ty Mont and Duke Johnson because they’re basically scat backs. I personally don’t draft scat backs cause start/sit decisions suck and they are super capped on the upside. Would much rather own Williams/Jones to someone like Duke. But that’s just nit picking. TBH, I tihnk you got a very solid dynasty roster. Even if you don’t win this year, you have great foundation and if you make the right moves in future rookie drafts, you will be hard to beat in 1-2 years.