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Dynasty Draft Startup RB 2nd Overall?


Is it crazy taking David Johnson or Lev Bell 2nd overall in a dynasty draft?

Also, if people have any dynasty strategy tips on how they approach the initial start up dyansty draft. I would love to hear it. Online I see to focus on WR, youth and talent and to deprioritize rb and opportunity (vs skill).


Crazy? No. However, a young, talented WR (i.e. Bekham, Evans) will likely give you elite production for much longer. That’s why they generally go earlier.

General tip: veterans go much later than they would in redraft, as they should, but don’t ignore them entirely (especially QBs, since they can play much longer). You can find great value there.


Thanks for the tips. Do you treat QBs and TE the same as redraft?–i.e. some of the younger elites go early while their sold depth later.


I would always wait in QBs And TEs. The best approach really is to make tiers. For QBs, specifically, I wouldn’t be surprised to see youth valued more than it would be in redraft. I’m not falling into that trap. Someone like Andy Dalton is going to be a starting fantasy QB for another 5 years, minimum (and I particularly like him this year). He’ll go much later than your Rogers, Lucks, Mariotas, etc. That’s value.


Thanks. I do that in redrafts.

I ended up pulling the trigger on DJ, so I’m excited for that.


Definitely not wrong. DJ is a beast.