Dynasty Draft Startup

12 teams PPR 2QB
on the clock, 6.11 pick
got also the 7.02

my picks so far:
AJ Green,
Joe Mixon
Andrew Luck
Corey Davis

need RB pretty bad, available options are:
Mccoy, Ajay, Ingram, T. Coleman, Kerryon Johnson, Dion Lewis

other options
WR - Tate, Marvin Jones, Larry Fitz, kupp
QB - Brees, Ryan, Ben, all the rookies, all the Dalton and below QBs

what do i do ?
go RB , RB ?
which ones ?
need your assistance :slight_smile:

If you start 2 QB’s every week, you should definitely grab one here. Luck was a gamble believe it or not, and if that was me… I’d take Brees. But I also wouldn’t have snagged Luck so if you’re confident he’s playing this year, take Tate. In a full PPR Tate is a monster… and so is Larry Fitz. So at this spot, I’d snag Tate, and then eyeball Brees/Ben with the 7.02 since those guys probably won’t come back around in a 2QB league.

Agree to disagree with robert_michael on this one. Where I wholehearted agree that Luck is a gamble, you took him as your #1 and thus taking your #2 QB within 6 rounds is too aggressive IMO. build up your RB’s and invest in QB downstream