Dynasty Draft strategy and advice

I’m hitting my first dynasty league, #5 pick, round 9. I have the following team already

WR: DHop, devante Adams, chris Godwin

RB: cook, Kerryon. Carson, miles sanders

TE: engram.

  1. who should I take? I thought about maybe reaching for Lamar Jackson (or Kirk/Samuel at WR).

image Would like your opinion, cheers! Sorry for the long one.

Kyler Murray or Lamar Jackson would be my favs at QB.

Damien Williams, Rashaad Penny, and Kareem Hunt should not be there in the 9th round of a dynasty league.

Love Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, and N’Keal Harry too.

Pick any of those guys. You can’t go wrong. Kyler and Lamar will prob be available next round. I would personally go with Penny. Young and in one of the best rushing offenses in the league. Plus you already have Carson.

I am in a dynasty league and I have Carson. I’ve been trying to trade for Penny, but the guy will only take Davante Adams for him lol

Cool, I took Penny. Having a hard time getting my head around it. How does your draft strategy/mindset change v redraft?

Normally if I’m torn between two players, I look at the ages then pick the younger one. Even if they’re slightly not as good cuz they could potentially grow into a better player. Especially RBs. Normally their careers don’t last past 30. I aim to get pass-catching RBs (I have Kamara) since they don’t have to do a lot of between-the-tackles work that causes a lot of wear and tear.