Dynasty Draft (time sensitive): Keep Treadwell or Draft, stash-and-store Mahomes?

I’m okay regardless (Cousins/Roethlisberger, at QB and a crew of 4 good WRs already). I’m leaning Mahomes, but could Treadwell blossom into a stud (which is my fear)? Thx.

I’m a fan of treadwell. He is 22 years old and should be the third wr in the vikings offense. Also unless it’s a 2 qb league I would lean on Cousins for years so you don’t need another qb.

I’m afraid Treadwell could end up like the hundreds of other bust WRs. I trust Andy Reid when it comes to QBs. I’d go Mahomes

mahomes. big ben is out after this year. if you do it right you can (depending on what mahomes actually does at the pro level) trade cousins later for some depth at WR or RB. i can get a treadwell anywhere, what i cant get is the potential star that is mahomes.

If Treadwell had shown really anything up to this point I’d think twice, but I just haven’t seen it. I trust Reid as far as QBs go, and Smith is obviously not the answer. Mahomes is a Reid-styly QB and I strongly suspect he’ll be at the very least a good if not great starter for years, and he has real potential.

I like Mahomes, but I think he’s a bit of a crapshoot too. For that reason I wouldn’t get rid of treadwell yet. You drafted him for a reason and it’s only been one season. You’d be trading him at possibly the lowest value if you dumped him now. If he comes on strong at the beginning of this year, you could probably trade him for Mahomes and something else. If he doesn’t, you’re still not in a worse position because Mahomes isn’t starting and we don’t know for sure he’s the “QB of the future”. He probably is, but with the data we have right now, I’d hold.