Dynasty draft tomorow

So this is my 3rd year in this league, I have the 1st overall and the 6th overall pick in tomorrow’s draft. I am debating on who I’m going to take with the 6th pick. I know to stay water as things may change during the draft. however I am finding myself looking at Jalen Reagor more and more. With Alshon’s injury history, & D-Jax recent comments I feel that there is a strong chance at some vacated targets in Philly this season. Am I crazy to take Reagor at 6?

Ehhh not crazy if you need immediate output because he is probably the best shot for that as a rookie.

However, I would say take best player available and I doubt that is Raegor.

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That’s my mindset as well, but I do like the kid and think he can have a great future with Wentz. I’ll also be stacked at RB especially after I take Helaire 1st overall, so I was hoping to add to my WR depth.

I don’t think you can ever have enough RBs lol. Especially with Covid this year.

I think he has a great opportunity in front of him, but there should be more talented options available there