Dynasty Draft WR Ranks

Ranks these players…Baldwin, Cooks, Cooper, Theilen, Robinson, Diggs, Bryant, and Thomas. Half point ppr dynasty. I’ve been creating my rankings and can’t decide where to place these guys. Any thoughts?

Cooper, Cooks, Robinson, Diggs, Thielen, Baldwin, Thomas, Bryant for me

Cooper, Robinson, Diggs, Cooks, Theilen, Baldwin, D Thomas and then a few miles away I have Bryant.

Is this Demaryius Thomas or Michael Thomas? Assuming Demaryius…

Cooper, Robinson, Baldwin, Diggs, Thielen, Thomas, Cooks, Bryant


D. Thomas? If so, Cooper, Robinson, Diggs, Thielen, Baldwin, Cooks, Thomas.

If it’s Michael Thomas, he’s 1st in this list.

I’m going to be the odd man out in not putting Cooper at number 1. Assuming we’re talking Demaryius:

Cooks, Robinson, Baldwin, Thielen, Cooper, Thomas, Diggs, Bryant

If Michael Thomas, he’s number 1 by a mile.

Hey @AdamRich84 I’m curious why you decided to rank Cooks first? Is that rank based on their value or your interest in having them on your team?

Hopefully it’s obvious, but I only ask to get a different viewpoint. Not trying to be argumentative or dismissive.


I’m interested to know as well.

@fun4willis @DFWB

I ranked these based on value. Going from Brady to Goff is a downgrade for any receiver so he could drop in drafts. LAR tried to get Cooks last year, and he and Goff have been throwing and establishing rapport in the offseason.

Robinson had a down season followed by a season ending injury in week 1. Being with a new QB on a fired up Chicago team could lead to big production from him like we’ve seen in the past.

I put Cooper behind Baldwin and Thielen because of his hype. Gruden is coming in and going to shake things up and I’m already hearing a lot of hype that Cooper is going to have a bounce back year. I do imagine he will be more consistent than last year, but I project that his ADP will be higher than it should be.

I would rank them cooks, cooper, robinson, Baldwin, theilen, diggs, Thomas, Bryant.

You may want to re-read the post. If I understand correctly, he wasn’t asking about value. He was asking which guys you’d prefer to have on your team in a dynasty league, and listing them the way you did makes it look like you’d draft them in that order (maybe that’s true as well, but it’s really not clear), as opposed to which guys you think will be the best values based on ADP.

Taking value out and looking at production only I’d still keep Cooks at 1, would swap Baldwin and Thielen though.

Interesting. I have Cooks outside my top 20. Probably outside my top 25. I don’t want anything to do with him. I think he’s at best the 3rd target, and will play a role that really isn’t used in that offense. Basically, I think he’s Sammy Watkins from this past year with much less TD upside.

With this list he’s obviously sorting for WR2 options. I like Cooks/Robinson’s upside, and Baldwin/Thielen’s consistency. All depends what you value more in a WR2.

Watkins was traded to the Rams 3 weeks before start of season. Cooks and Goff have much more time to get acquainted before season kicks off.

I don’t think it was a matter of how well they know each other. The offense is essentially one read (generally to the QB’s strong side) and then dump it off to Gurley if nothing is there. As well as Woods did in that role, and how inconsistent Cooks has been over the course if his career, I don’t see any reason to think he takes over that role. I’d say he has a lower ceiling and lower floor than most if the players mentioned.

Cooks has had 1,000+ yards in each of his last three seasons and now that Goff has full year as the starter under his belt I’m counting on him to have the confidence get out of the one-look offense.

In playing devil’s advocate - let’s hear your argument for Cooper at number 1. Based on the responses in this thread it seems a lot of people are expecting a bounce back year.

I should be more clear a out consistency with Cooks. He was inconsistent game to game. He ended up with WR1 numbers, or close, but it certainly didn’t feel like it, and he was as likely to burn you as your opponent in a given game.

As for my argument for Cooper, it’s admittedly pretty thin, but it is basically this: I believe he was, in fact, hurt last year. He didn’t look like the same player. I also don’t think he’ll have to deal with Carr’s safety blanket (Crabtree) this is year. I also just believe in his talent, as a complete WR, much more so than Cooks.

Honestly, if you were to argue for anyone on the list before Cooks (based on my list), I probably wouldn’t argue too much, because it’s certainly not like Cooper is without his own concerns, but Cooks and Dez, to me, are a clear step down in tier (and Dez another step below Cooks).

I had Cooper in one league last year so I have an admitted bias against him because he burned me more often than not last year, but I do agree that he has the potential to put up good numbers. I don’t anticipate Doug Martin or Lynch doing much to keep defense on their toes, so both Cooper and Jordy should have a decent amount of coverage to deal with.

Robinson is the toughest one to rank here. In 2015 he had 80/1400/14, followed it up with a 73/883/6 season, then was hurt in week one last year and now has a new QB. Upside is there but the risk is higher.

Agreed. For me, if I’m unsure of a situation/health, I’ll always go with talent. I think Cooper and Robinson are the two most talented guys. I’d put them in their own tier of the players listed, based on talent, and I have questions about every player listed, whether it’s health or situation.

why is everyone down on Cooks? Besides his rookie year, he has put up WR1 numbers for three straight years and is on another really good offense this season.