Dynasty Empire League - Live Draft Attendance Mandatory

So, two years in the making I’m getting an Empire Dynasty style league off the ground this year. 12 teams, high stakes. $500/year (2nd year must be prepaid to avoid drop outs after a bad draft or unlucky injury). The catch is, we are doing this as a live draft in Nashville this year. We see this as a way to meet new people and have a fun weekend while kicking this thing off. In person for the startup inaugural draft will facilitate an environment where everyone is very comfortable with eachother, shit talking, etc. Looking for year round activity.

I most likely will be able to fill all 12 spots, but curious to know if there’s anyone out there looking for something like this that might want to talk about joining if there is an open spot or two.

Understanding it’s a little scary to join an unknown league like this, we have very strict bylaws created and I’m happy to send those to anyone that might be interested. For example, we’re selecting the draft order of choice by running an elimination style flip cup match the night before the draft.

We have guys coming from all over the country for this that don’t necessarily know more than 2-3 people so it will be an interesting and fun group. Most of the guys will be in the Age 30-35 range.

If you’re looking for a league to take your fantasy football experience to the next level, while meeting some cool new friends that you can expect to play this game we all know and love for the foreseeable future, this league might be for you! I would post a link to the bylaws but I don’t see how I can do that anymore without being a Patron?

Anyway - DM me or reply to this if you’re interested about hearing more.

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Bumping this up, I’m getting close to filling the league, need one, maybe two more people to finalize it.