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Dynasty Expansion Draft Help (Drafting an Expansion Team)


Just joined a dynasty league as an expansion team and wanted to get some advice. In this league, there are 14 teams. They have a soft salary cap of $210 and a hard cap of $310. The caps decide how much money you have for the following years rookie auction draft (Hard cap - Soft cap). Teams consist of QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex, Flex. In the expansion draft, I will be drafting with one other expansion team. It is a serpentine draft and I will be drafting second. Each league team can protect 4 players from the expansion draft. Here are some of the options I am looking at for the 6 picks I get in the expansion draft. Let me know what you think.

QB: Rodgers $42, Newton $27, Winston $12, Brees $27, Rivers $10, Luck $59, Carr $25, Prescott $30, Wilson $16.

RB: Ajayi $25, Coleman $26, Ingram $12, White $10, Hill $17, McCoy $35, Freeman $39, Abdullah $26, Duke Johnson $18, Hyde $26, Stewart $10, Powell $20.

WR: Watkins $30, John Brown $11, Benjamin $26, Landry $14, Ginn $11, Green $61, Baldwin $24, Maclin $10, Robinson $32, K. White $23, Marvin Jones $16, Tate $20, Crabtree $15, DJAX $16, D. Thomas $31, Pryor $10, Fitz $11, Jeffery $46, Coleman $13, Doctson $16, Sanders $18.

TE: Reed $18, Ertz $19, Gronk $43, Fleener $18

I know this is a lot to take in and read but I’m just looking for some advice of who to target. Thanks guys!


QB: Love that price for Wilson
RB: Ajayi is worth that especially in dynasty. Don’t mind the price for White either.
WR: Pryor definitely stands out. That’s cheap. Go for it. Watkins/DThomas or Baldwin all are great values
TE: Reed for $18 is a great value as well


I figure the other expansion team will go with Green first pick. Should I then take Ajayi and Pryor? Or maybe look at Freeman?




Honestly I like ajayi and Watkins with the picks. Watkins is finally healthy and in a contract year.


@TheGuru @kborgognoni

UPDATE: So far through the first 7 picks (outta 12) this is how it looks.

My expansion team: Green $61, Pryor $10, Reed $18, Wilson $16.

Other expansion team: Ajayi $24, Watkins $30, Landry $14.

Who has one so far?