Dynasty Expansion

We are expanding our 10 team suplerflex league to 12 teams and having difficulty deciding on the logistics. Right now we have agreed the each expansion team will have 4 picks in the upcoming rookie draft, league fees waived in the first year, plus punishment forgiveness in the first year (last place usually goes through a punishment.

For the expansion draft, we tried to land on one of the below but the league is completely split. Anyone have any thoughts?

  1. Each team can protect 10 plays
  2. Each team can protect one of each position Plus x amount additional
  3. All players in the top 20 are their position are safe (based on current dynasty rankings (fantasy pros))

I see pros an cons to all but if you have any thoughts or past experience, would appreciate feedback.

I feel like the most fair of those, to the new players, is option 2. If you actually want to expand and add owners then 3 is really out of the question. The 2 expansion teams will obviously likely be wasting at least one if not two years and you have to keep them interested and WANTING to play years down the road. I feel like option 1 is okay, but 10 means you’re keeping your whole starting roster + a couple bench spots I’m assuming. Now, there’s prob some value on benches…. But not much. The tough part of option 2 is that you’re a SF league and that means someone who is stacked at QB will get smacked by #2 unless you’re allowing the extra picks to be a QB. But honestly, I feel like only 2 picks is the max additional you can save, or else it is essentially option 1

Yeah, I was leaning #2 but the issue is that a couple people have stacked rosters so it is determining the right number of people to protect without completely dismantling a team. I understand those winning have a short window but ultimately, we are adding more people to make it competitive and add more money to the pool (just like the NFL I guess)

We have a guy who has two top guys in each position which would gut his team if we only allowed 1 of each position protected since he would lose a majority of his guys, that is really the issue in trying to make it fair. We want to add people but also don’t want to discourage others to quit because of this as well.

Well I’m assuming that they’ve voted to add teams to the league, and by doing so they had to have realized that they will need to make accommodations for them. More money can’t be added in this case without making adjustments. And everyone else can’t pay the price while they will be able to keep everything. The easiest solution is to trade his “slightly” lesser big boys for rookie draft picks, I’m not sure what else you can do. The incoming teams NEED to be given a chance, and just selecting from scrubs probably won’t get them there.

Agreed. Glad to get some unbiased third party opinion.