Dynasty - Ezekiel Elliot offers

So in my 10 man 0.5 PPR dynasty league i’ve had two trades offers involving Zeke. Which one (if any) should I take?

Offer A
Trade : Zeke, TY Hilton
Receive : James Conner, Julio Jones

Offer B
Trade : Zeke, 2020 2nd
Receive : Joe Mixon, Albert Wilson, 2019 Pick 7

Thnaks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

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Are you getting Zeke? Take either. If you are selling Zeke. Take neither. The drop to Mixon and Connor is not made up by rest of the offer.


I would absolutely want Zeke from both of these offers. If they are trying to get you to let go of Zeke, neither of these would do it for me. Especially in 10 team dynasty.

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That guy is trying to rip you off in my opinion.

Also Trade B is a rip off even if you didn’t have to give up a second

Please don’t tell me you did either, both are someone who want zeke’s dream lol

Even the Julio one, he’s 30.