Dynasty first rookie draft

Hey guys, I’m the commissioner of a dynasty league. This year is our first rookie draft. What’s the recommended format for the draft? We are drafting based on last seasons standings. Should we do a snake draft to keep the draft more balanced or a standard draft where the first over all pick goes at the beginning of each round?

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Dynasty rookie drafts should ALWAYS be linear. The person receiving the 1.01 would also have the 2.01, 3.01 and so forther (trades notwithstanding.

I like to be open and believe that there is more that one-way to run a league. But in dynasty I don’t think you can pivot from this format. Unless you opt for an auction.

One other note, I’d suggest giving the league winner the last pick, say 1.12 (2.12, 3.12, …) and distribute the remaining picks based on the regular reason.


Completely agree with @fun4willis on linear.

I think Rookie drafts should always be linear. They actually talked about this on the pod today and said the same thing. Gives the worse teams more of a chance at rebuilding