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Dynasty Football Trade


Should I do this trade? I’m team A.

Team A trades 1.07, 1.09, and 2018 First for Team B’s 1.01, 2.01, and 2018 2nd.

12-Team 1PPR Dynasty Start-up 2016
Start: QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2FLEX, TE, DEF, K

Teams are as follows:

Team A:
QB: A.Luck, M.Mariota, K.Cousins
RB: T.Rawls, R.Kelley, T.Hightower
WR: B. Marshall, G.Tate, T.Pryor, S.Diggs, R.Cobb, J.Gordon, E.Decker
TE: T. Eifert
2017 Draft Picks: 1.07, 1.09, 2.07, 3.07

Team B:
QB: A.Dalton, R.Tannehill, J.Cutler
RB: P.Perkins, T.Coleman, E.Lacy, D.Martin
WR: K.Allen, S.Shephard, D.Funchess, T.Smith, M.Lee, T.Boyd, J.Brown
TE: J.Thomas, C.Clay
2017 Draft Picks: 1.01, 2.01, 2.06, 3.06


Who, other than the rookies, is available at 1.01?


Most notably Marshawn Lynch and Darren Mcfadden. Although not sure I would be making that trade to have Marshawn for a year or two.


Although you need RB help, I don’t think this trade works for Team A.


So would you think I’m better off holding my 1.07 and 1.09 to try and land something like Alvin Kamara and Kareem Hunt?


draft picks, especially future draft picks are hard to figure out value on. so what i usually do is go off of what i know. i know that i want fournette. i also know that ADP for rookies, i dont really want anyone this year that is going at 1.07 and 1.09. at 2.01 i can still get the other RB i would look at around that spot, which is kareem hunt. when it comes to future picks, you dont know where they are going and who will be coming out ect… so here is what i do know, i know that i get 2 top RB prospects, one of which is REALLY good prospect. and next year i trade my first for a second. so i win this year, and lose next year value wise. so for me, i do it. i KNOW the value im getting this year. i dont know what im giving up next. and playing the guessing game for next year when this year is only just starting is just impossible.

overall i like the trade. i say do it.


Thanks, appreciate the feedback. I tend to agree with you on the most part although I don’t know if Fournette is the best choice of the top 4 rookie backs. I’ve been tending to lean towards Mixon but that Cinci backfield is crowded. I also have past experiences in the back of my mind like in past rookie drafts in this league I saw OBJ and David Johnson picked late in the 1st round so you kind of really don’t know who these players end up being. I’m trying to rationalize the probability but not sure where its higher. Theres the probability of one of the top 4 rookie backs (Fournette, McCaffrey, Mixon, Cook) being a really good RB1, but I would only get to choose one of them. Then theres the scenario where I would target something like Kamara, Hunt, and Joe Williams. Which will give me 3 RBs to hit or miss on. Of course thats if all of these backs were to fall to me.


yeah and i get you on that. its truely impossible to know who will actually hit or miss until they… well hit or miss. for me, the one player who is as much of a lock as they can be this year is fournette. the team, the coaches, his running style… they all fit together very nicely to me. and the best part is, the more they build that O line, the better he will get. but the main point is you are correct, you have to follow your own gut on a lot of these. because as sure as i am that fournette will get 20 carries a game, that number could be cut to 5 if everything goes wrong. so in the end, so long as the value is there for you then do it. the value is there for me, so i would 100% do it. anyway, good luck this year!


Thanks, you too.


Fournette is a beast, for sure … but he has an ankle injury … again. He missed 5 games last year with ankle issues and to see this come up so soon is disturbing.


leveon bell gets hurt or suspended every year, yet he is the consensus number 2 pick. if you want a top guy you have to make tough choices. also, it is listed foot injury. not ankle. yeah, he has had ankle problems but this is not that.


Okay, if we agree that all RBs are injury risks, what would convince you to take a gamble on one?

One is a rookie who has never played a down in an NFL game (that counts) and is already injured before the season starts. The other has been a top 3 running back for 2 of the last 3 years, one of which was cut short by suspension.

I know who I would gamble on.


Yeah, and fournette ran for almost 4000 yards in three years even with ankle injuries. Besides, we are talking about who to take risks on for ROOKIES. I brought up bell as a comparison for risk, not who am I going to gamble on between the 2. Who would you rather gamble on, cook who isnt even going to be a goal like guy, mixon who is in an rbc, McCaffery who landed in the worst spot for his skill set, perine who is getting beat by a guy who calls himself fat rob, or hunt who will start, but when and how much will he be used? Yeah, I’m taking the risk on the bell cow who hurt his foot, not his ankle. Cook is as close as I get right now, and only because Bradford is going to dump it off to him 30 times a game. So yeah, I take the risk on fournette in a ROOKIE draft.


I agree with you for the most part and your logic is sound, Buster.

I would still stand pat in his case though. Looking at that team, I seriously doubt it is competetive this year. I would use the 7 and 9 picks to get a Corey Davis and maybe see who else falls. Keep the first round pick next year. Otherwise I can see this team cycling at mediocre for a while.


I would 100% agree that it may take time to be a contender. But without a doubt he needs RB depth. So to have your own personal pick of what ever rb you think will do best is pretty solid trade off. Especially since there is no way corey davis falls to you. At pick 7 you might get one of the top 4 backs. But corey davis and Mike Williams won’t drop past pick 6. I have yet to see a single draft where the first six were not the big 4 RBs, and the 2 Wrs. Except for 1 when someone took hunt at pick 5. So I still stick with my side of it too, so long as you absolutely want one of the top 4 rookie RBs.


I would be fine with Hunt or any of those top 6 that fell. But I don’t give up draft picks (especially a first round that could end up too 3) unless I have a team stacked for a big run.


So when you are stacked you will give up middle of the first picks to get the top talent, but when you really need that top talent to progress you won’t? I don’t get thst myself, but to each their own.

Me, I’m looking at the trends. If he did this last year, he would have zeke and Jordan Howard. The year before that, (sticking with the taking 2 rbs) its Todd gurley or melvin Gordon, and Jay ajayi or david johnson. In 2014 it would be bishop Stanley (obviously not a good pick now) and devonte freeman. Those 2 spots in the last three years have been historically good. All the guys taken in between just haven’t produced and everyone else is producing pretty damn hard (excluding bishiop). That top spot taking the top rb just produces top talent, and for a guy who is super short on rb talent, it’s just worth it. Agree to disagree on this one but I still do it.