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Dynasty format- how good is Jordan Howard in the long haul?


Could Howard be a top 10 RB for years to come?


He’s the clear top back on a team with a rookie QB and with a 1300 yard rookie season, he’s got a real good chance.


Kind of feel like one of the factors hindering his ability to be elite for years to come is the fact that he has Mike Glennon and a rookie QB. His talent is undeniable, it’s the rest of that offense that scares me and that could end up negatively affecting him.


Totally agree. He will be a product of circumstances if nothing else.

I fear injuries from being overworked.
I fear a lot of stacked boxes against a team that hasn’t proven they can throw the ball.
I fear QB changes mid season could throw him off.
I fear the reasoning for his low-ish high school/college and draft capital will begin to make itself evident.
I fear a mid-season coaching change could ruin him if the Bears start out ugly.
I fear he won’t improve his pass catching.

With all that said… I got me a signed Howard jersey on Pristine Auction and am a Bears die-hard. I went to IU at the same time as Howard so that makes me even more excited. He faced the exact same challenges last year and was amazing. I believe in him - but the longer Chicago stays bad, the riskier he becomes.


Yah, with you on that last part. I’m a huge fan of his and am keeping him in a league, so I’m hoping for the best.


yeah literally everything that has been said before. biggest thing of note though, is his cohesion with that O line. he is the ideal zone runner, running behind a pretty damn good front three in his center, and 2 guards. if they figure out the tackles he will do just fine almost regardless of what QB is behind him. hey word, almost. because obviously that matters. sure people like AP and Jamaal Charles have done it with pretty much no QB their whole careers, but could you imagine what kind of numbers they would have put up with a solid QB behind them like rodgers? oh man. so yeah that will factor in but howard as of now is in the best place he could be.