Dynasty Free Agents

I’m in a dynasty league where Free agents are included with rookies in the annual draft. Marshawn Lynch is available for draft. What is the earliest someone should consider him or any other veteran?

I’ve found in playing dynasty that players tend to value youth much more in the initial start up, and so you can get great value on older veteran players and have a really stacked team.

Guys like Tom Brady, Julian Edleman, Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, DeMarco Murray, Jordy Nelson.

Players will look at their age and go, “Oh no I might get only 1-2 years of those guys, I gotta draft younger!”, and you can get them much later than a redraft ADP, and have a contender ready to go.

You’ll get six rookie picks in the draft next year, and that’s where you can start building your future, as opposed to the start up draft.

Marshawn no earlier than 10th in a dynasty is where I’d draft him.