Dynasty full ppr trade

Odell Beckham jr.
Christian McCaffrey

Le’Veon Bell
Stefon Diggs
Sterling shephard

That’s a tough one to be honest. Is have to go with OBJ CMC though. I believe they will both be top producers at their position for YEARS to come (6+) where Bell’s career as a top teir beast could come to a screeching halt if he gets signed by a crap offense and his utilization is different (also tons of touches so far in his career, yes he’s like 26, but that’s like buying a 2014 car with 100k miles on it). Diggs is solid but isn’t any OBJ, and I cant see Sterling being more than a WR3 in his current situation.

The more I write about this the more I learn OBJ and CMC. Much less question marks and more longevity from the RB

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agreed. obj>bell and give me cmc> diggs + shep


although it is close but like nicholas said longevity plus situation. OBJ will produce whether he leaves NYG or not. (althought he most likely will get signed to a BIG contract very soon) but bell on the other hand we have no idea where he will go. Someone paying that much for a RB most likely is not contending unless your LAR but then again i think theyre screwed after those massive contracts this summer. Didnt even sign their best player…maybe best player in all of football…

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I think I’m the OBJ/CMC side as well, it is close but for the points above as it’s dynasty you are better with the OBJ/CMC side. The risk from next year with Bell is far too much to give up OBJ and CMC, you can just see him getting a huge deal on a crappy team and being a massive bust. I’m looking forward to him hitting free agency though and watching his owners and analyst alike lose their minds when he goes for workouts with the Packers and Colts then ends up taking the money from either the Jets or Raiders…