Hey guys, I’m just getting into dynasty (first time ever) and I just got the veteran draft order (we’re doing a separate veteran and rookie draft). I have the 9th pick in the veteran draft, and I’m thinking about trying to trade some number of my rookie picks to get a veteran 3rd rounder. I’d love any thoughts or suggestions you all have. Is there anything I’m missing in my thought process? Should I be trying to trade into the top 4 of the 1st round with some combo of rookie/vet picks? Am I not valuing the rookie draft picks enough? Would a 1st&2nd rookie plus 5th veteran be enough for a 2nd round veteran pick?
Thanks guys

Congrats on starting up in dynasty, welcome to the most fun you’ll ever have with fantasy football. If you can get your league mates to trade you picks as high as a 2nd in startup for multiple rookie picks then do it right away. once you’ve drafted those players taken in the first 3 rounds will be nearly impossible to trade for for picks alone. You’ll find that in the first couple of seasons that people may not value their rookie picks as much, slowly acquire these. 3rd round picks and later don’t have much value themselves, but are great add-ons in trade talks.
Try to remember that wide receivers will last much longer and thus are more valuable, but it is harder to trade for a stud running back than a top receiver. I like the mentality of draft running backs, trade for wide receivers.

Good luck with the draft.

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I’m trying to figure out what round veteran pick to add to this…

Give: 1st&2nd rookie draft pick
Receive: 2nd round vet pick


That’s a lot of hope there. Try to associate player names to your picks to more clearly see the value.
Would you give up a Juju, or Nick Chubb for David Montgomery and JJ Arsega- Wjiteside?

It would take a lot in rookie pics to move up into the start-up. If you are set on doing it, just offer all 2019 rookie pics for a 3rd, and negotiate down from there. Get as much as you can, but it probably won’t be as much as you’re currently thinking.


I understand, that’s why I was trying to add a veteran pick in (like 1st&2nd rookie+4th veteran)

How high do you think I’d have to go with the veteran pick?

ahhh i understand now if you want up into the 2nd again it’ll probably be a 5th rounder plus the rookie picks. I wouldn’t necessarily advise this though because it will leave you top heavy, and if you miss on that pick oof.

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Thanks! And yeah I’m mostly trying to get a handle on values, because I’m pretty good at judging redraft values, but this is my first year doing dynasty

Stay youthful, stay trading. Most importantly, have fun!