Dynasty - Give Mahomes receive Brees, Juju and 2020 1st round?

Am I crazy for wanting this trade?
Here is a little more back story…My team…
QB - Winston, Mariota, Bridgewater, Mahomes
WR - Mike Evans, T.Y., Cooper, Godwin, Sanu, Josh Reynolds, DJ Moore, Keelan Cole.

1 QB league, no super flex and I don’t know where the 2020 draft pick would be.

I would love juju as a top, young guy, but am I overlooking the young talent that I already have?

Any guess as to whether the 2020 first is early/mid/late?

Is this 1QB or 2QB/Superflex?

They way my league is set up, there is no way of knowing the place of the draft pick yet.
Its a 1 qb league, no super flex.

Smash accept, never look back. This is the easiest accept of my life. In a single QB league, this shouldn’t even be a question. You can just draft one of the rookie QBs in this years draft. I would give up Mahomes for Juju alone.