Dynasty Gronkowski for Breida

I’m in a dynasty and was just offered a trade Breida for Gronkowski. I currently have gronk, burton, and cook for tight ends and McCoy, r. freeman, Henry, Montgomery, Hines, and Yeldon for running backs.

Freeman has been the only semi consistent runner on my team and with gronks age compared to Breidas I’m tempted. What do y’all think?

This must be a joke. Gronk >>>>> Breida by a country mile. Just reject and move on.

If your team sucks and isn’t contending, go trade Gronk to a contender and get way more than that. Probably get a 1st rounder +. Breida isn’t even worth a high 2nd rounder to me.

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I don’t feel like my team sucks, but I am 0-4 at this point and may be tilting a bit lol. We have


I currently have
Qb- Carr, Bridgewater
Wr- Hilton, Hill, Fuller, Jones Jr., Lockett, Jackson, Ross, j’mon moore, and m. bryant.
RB- McCoy, freeman, yeldon, Henry, and Hines
TE- gronk, burton, cook
DST- Browns
Also have fitzmagic but he’s going down the river this week.

Any ideas who I should target for an RB for gronk? I tried to pair up gronk and tureen hill for Gordon last week and was swiftly shut down.

Think Aaron jones is worth it?

i would say shoot way above aaron jones and bredia for gronk his name has to much value get what he is worth and more to a team that has a chance of winning his year.

Don’t think you need Breida anywhere near as much as you need Gronk, and Gronk won’t be retiring anytime soon unless he gets extremely injured. He’s only 29 after all. Should be able to expect 4 more healthy-ish seasons out of him before his body starts demanding retirement consideration.

Try to get Gurley for Gronk… It worked last year in my semi dynasty league. I got Gronk (for 5 years). And the guy who got Gurley (for 3 years) is destroying the league. trade was made after week 1 last year, seemed ok at the time.

Do not try this. I’m assuming this trade only worked cause it was in 2016 when gurley had his down year. Gurley right now is the #1 ranked asset in dynasty formats. Trying to offer gronk for him will get you laughed out of business.

Damn really? I think that’s a fair trade from a dynasty perspective. I’m a Gordon owner and unless i am a heavy contender with no RB depth, I would take Hill + Gronk for my Gordon right now.

Honestly it’s hard to sell gronk right now cause he’s underperforming. I have no doubt that he will come back though. Now that pats are finally full strength, teams can’t double/triple team gronk on every single play. Gordon is a legit threat and edelman is now there and with a legit run game in Michel, Pats are dangerous. Wait for gronk to recover before trading. Once he does, one of the contending teams will be pay a boat load for him.