Dynasty half ppr trade review

I am thinking about proposing the following in my dynasty half ppr 8 team league. What do you think?

Trade away: Devonta Freeman
receive : Robert Woods, 1.06, and 2.06

i currently own 1.02, 1.03, 2.02. 3.02, and 5.02 draft picks.

if i get the 1.06 and 2.06, my plan will most likely be (this will obviously change with where these players go)

1.02 = Guice
1.03 = Michel
1.06 = R. Freeman
2.02 = Kirk or Washington
2.06 = Callaway
3.02 = best available TE

starting positions are:
1qb, 2rb, 2te, 2 flx (rb,wr,te), 2idp, and 1k

my team is below

Case Keenum, Den QB
Matt Ryan, Atl QB
Carson Wentz, Phi QB

Devonta Freeman, Atl RB
Melvin Gordon, LAC RB
Lamar Miller, Hou RB
Kenyan Drake, Mia RB
Chris Carson, Sea RB

Martavis Bryant, Pit WR
Stefon Diggs, Min WR
Mohamed Sanu, Atl WR
T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
Corey Davis, Ten WR
John Ross, Cin WR
Josh Doctson, Wsh WR
Chris Hogan, NE WR
Marquise Goodwin, SF WR
Pierre Garcon, SF WR
Allen Hurns, Jax WR

Hunter Henry, LAC TE
Vance McDonald, Pit TE
Eric Ebron, Ind TE

Luke Kuechly, Car LB
Bobby Wagner, Sea LB
Kai Forbath, Min K

I would definitely not do that trade


Since you already have 1.02 and 1.03, I wouldn’t make the trade. I like Devonta Freeman’s PPR value more than an average receiver and picks. (Though on the right team Royce Freeman can do some serious damage)

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No starting WR’s? Just 2 flex?

If that’s the case, or even if you start 2 WR’s, I’d try to sell off your depth there. That’s way too many WR’s for what you can start. Keep Freeman for sure. Why would you trade Freeman for Woods, Rookie Freeman and a pick that probably amounts to nothing? That’s a bad deal. You have enough mid-level WR’s as it is. You’re basically trading a good RB for a rookie mid-round RB and another WR that you have to try figuring out when to start. Terrible idea, IMO.

Grab those two rookie RB’s as you plan too at 2 and 3, and see what picks you can get for some of those WR’s (or package some of them for a better WR). I’d see what I could get for Hilton, Sanu, Goodwin and Hurns.

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whoops i thought i corrected that. we have 3 starting wr

Well, my point still stands!

I’d rather stick with Devonta than make that deal, and then look to deal WR depth. You definitely don’t need 11 capable WR’s and then deplete your RB depth to basically add Robert Woods.

Since you’re in an 8 man league, there will be plenty of similar WR’s always coming and going. Try to consolidate and improve the starting slots.

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That is really good advice. Thank you very much to help save myself.

You could also try dealing from that WR depth w/Freeman to go after a better RB…Probably won’t work, but maybe something like Freeman/Hilton/Hurns for Zeke/other piece? Or Hunt, Fournette, Kamara, etc.

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i dont hate it. freeman is like, 1 more concussion from leaving the game for good. woods is a fantastic player, and your idea of who you would get at those picks is pretty good. i might try to spice up the offer though. try to get a little more. but, otherwise freeman should still play for a while. cant go wrong with a starting RB these days.

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