Dynasty - handling draft pick trades

As a dynasty commissioner, how do you handle draft pick trades that happen in season, in the offseason, and during the draft? I used the Sleeper app for the first time but didn’t process draft pick trades.

For example:
If a team wanted to trade a player for a future draft pick, how would that be processed during the season. How can they request it and how can it go through if there’s not another player for the system to process?

If the same trade happened in the offseason, do you just record it as the commissioner and set it up during the draft?

If a draft pick trade happens during the actual draft, is it possible to handle that in an online draft?

Thanks for the help.

Sleeper app does keep track of draft pick trading for multiple years out. The app also automatically updates the draft board. Another idea is make a spreadsheet. Have owners post a trade to the league and have the commish record with a spreadsheet.

If you use MFL, you do this:

In all seriousness, MFL handles draft pick trading for you. As a commish, you decide how many years worth of draft picks franchises are able to access. I recommend 1 to 2 years. For example 2018 and 2019 picks, rounds 1 to 4.

When you wish to make a trade, a user can select a player from either theirs or another team and select an available pick from theirs or another team.

When it comes time for the draft, the commish sets the draft order and all draft pick owners are automatically accounted. For example, I win the league and get the 12th pick. Half way through the season I trade my 2018 1st for a player. Team B then has the 12th pick in the draft.

You forgot to mention you do have to import picks traded when the leagues roll over to the new year, but its just 1 click of the button.

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