Dynasty help Kelce for

What is a fair trade value for Kelce?
I drafted hill and hunt early in my dynasty draft and now am stuck with a starting lineup that needs help

I would be giving up Kelce. I was offered Dante Pettis and Nkeal Harry
Is this fair value for Kelce? Should I be asking for more? Thanks

because its dynasy this isnt the WORST trade offer. but its the number 1 TE in the NFL who still has at least 3 years on top i would guess. he is worth more than a few young potentially good guys. and i love pettis. so hard to say exactly who to ask for in return since it all depends on your entire leagues roster and we just dont have that info, nor should we be given it. just remember when going through the process what you have. the top of the TE pile. dont give him up just to give him up.

I think you can get a top wr/rb for Kelce was a top 10 pass catcher if you include the TEs w the Wrs. I would be trying to get players like mike Evans or RBs like Kerryon or Chubb

I consider Dante Pettis and Nkeal Harry for Kelce a garbage offer.

I would be targeting a trade partner rather than any specific players. Kelce is most valuable to a contender.

Ok thanks for the opinions, just wanted to make sure I got fair value. Clearly that offer isn’t fair value