Dynasty Help- TE

Full PPR, non TE prem

I have Hooper, Gesicki, Herndon and Dissly. I want to move one to create a spot for my rookie pick.

Is it time to just cut Dissly?

Should I trade Hooper since his value is probably at its peak?

Any thoughts on this one?

  1. Hold onto Hooper as he’s your only TE you can reasonably start week-to-week.

  2. Try and trade Gesicki or Herndon to any team that is waaay to high on them for more than their value. If you could snag a 2nd rounder or even a 1st for them, you made out like a bandit. Only deal if you’re winning the trade. Gesicki should get you a early-to-mid 2nd, while Herndon should fetch a late 2nd to early 3rd at equal value.

  3. If no go on that route, try and move Dissly for a draft pick. Look to get any pick in the third, or an early fourth.

  4. If you can’t make any of those deals happen first, cut Dissly and move on with your season.