Dynasty Help!

boys the league just started today august 12th. its and email draft and i have pick 5
qb rb rb wr wr te flex super flex special teams idp idp 13 bench 3 taxi.
Gurley Barkley Hopkins gone.
top rb score more then top wr example. shady 220 vs thomas 187
if zeke goes 4 who do i take? if bell goes 4 do i take zeke 100% or should i take odell?

You should take odell regardless. The fact that Odell fell to 1.04 is already a crime.

There is no chance I would take Bell 1.05. If OBJ goes, then take Zeke.

So obj>Zeke if bell is picked 4th even with heavier RB scoring

OBJ is 1.01 in Dynasty for me. 1.02 is Nuk. Then gurley then Zeke.

Not sure what you mean by heavier RB scoring. Its Dynasty, so the WRs worth more than the top RBs for me.

I’m just saying a top tier RB scores about 30 points more then a top tier wr

Well pick 1.05 is in Odell Beckham!! will be asking for help when it’s my turn again.


id take DJ

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They also don’t last as long and are easier to find in the rookie draft.

hello again,
im 11 picks away from my 4th round pick i this new dynasty start up
team. odell mccaffrey diggs.
i need rb thetop 15 have come off the board already leaving me with potentially…
sony michel rashaad penny kenyan drakee royce freeman alex collins derrick henry

I’m a big believer in Michel (admittedly, the knee is concerning), Drake, and Freeman. Personally, I’d rank them 1) Drake, 2) Michel,
3) Freeman, but they’re pretty close. I haven’t done a dynasty start up in a couple of months, so I’m not sure where these guys are going now, but I suspect at least a couple will be there when it comes back around.

Take Freeman. He’s relatively young, and has to 10 potential

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I think you can also get him much later, no? Everyone listed is young and has top 10 potential.

None of them have a built in track record. Michel is starting this season injured. Drake has competition, and has yet to prove anything over more than a few games.

And Freeman has proved what, exactly?

In half PPR, he’s finished RB1, RB6, and RB13. That enough?

Royce Freeman.

Maybe it’s too late, but what are the WR available here?

I think you’re confused bro. It’s Royce Freeman. Not Devonta Freeman. No one here is dumb enough to argue for Michel over Devonta Freeman.

Agree with DFWB rankings. Admittedly, we are both much higher on Drake then rest of the community here. I don’t see Gore as much of a threat, more of a security/safety blanket. And ballage is well… we’ve all seen him now. He’s got about as much of a shot of taking over lead back duties for Drake as I do of making an NFL team.

Touché. I was confused as hell, and admittedly I’m off work and was hanging with my Uncle Herb. Of those 3, I completely agree with those rankings. I just know several people who think Drake is guaranteed top 10 this season. I don’t see it, and I’m a life long dolphins fan.

Guarantee? Definitely not. I do think he’s really good, and very much has that upside.