Dynasty Him or Him

I feel like the gap between the top 4 guys (DJ, Bell, Zeke and Gurley) is so small that they could all go in any order and I wouldn’t even bat an eye. It all basically just comes down to personal preference and fanaticism. Personally, as a Steelers fan, I like Bell the most in 2018 but that’s mainly my bias opinion. If any of those four ended up number 1, I wouldn’t be shocked by any of them. Would be thankful to own any of them and wouldn’t trade one for another in a redraft because it’s virtually linear value.

Agreed. I wouldn’t argue too much with 4th. It sounded to me like he was going to put him much lower.

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well im thinking about 10 to 15 receptions less. about 1 less a game is how i see it. a few less drives, a few less opportunities. and then take into account its a new QB, who will probably go down with an injury, larry fitz has to start hitting a wall soon, there is no other WR there that will probably even get 50 targets, and just a hand injury sure but its still an added injury. i would be shocked if they drive him hard this year. its just a bit of everything that makes me rank him lower. but like TY said, you could really take any of them in any order and its no big deal. but my preference is him at 4. honestly, maybe lower. i bounce around a lot on him cause obviously i see the talent, im just not sold on the team.

I wouldn’t be surprised to 10-15 more catches for the exact reasons you stated, haha.

DJ is a GOD if not the GOAT numbers will talk in the coming years. Sub-par team and the following 2016 numbers. Reports have him coming in stronger and smarter than previous years - he’s in his prime people.

Note: Kamara bell and zeke are all injury prone also!!! Do we really forget?

Here is Johnson’s 2016 season, by the numbers:

2,118: Johnson led the NFL in all-purpose yards with 2,118. He was the only player in the league this season to have over 2,000 and only nine players had over 1,500.

20: Johnson also led the NFL in receiving and rushing touchdowns combined with 20. It’s the first time since LeSean McCoy did it for the Eagles in 2011 that a player had at least 20.

879: Only four running backs in the past 10 seasons have had over 800 yards receiving in a season. Johnson joins Le’Veon Bell, Matt Forte and Steven Jackson after accumulating 879 yards receiving.

4: Johnson’s dual-threat season has only been done a number of times. Only four running backs in NFL history have had at least 15 rushing touchdowns and 600 yards receiving. Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes is the only one who has done it twice. If the qualification for receiving yards was bumped to 850 or more, Johnson is the only one to do so.

15: Johnson is the only player in league history to amass 100 yards from scrimmage in the first 15 games of the season.

21: Only 21 receiving yards separated Johnson from becoming the first player in NFL history to post 1,000 or more rushing yards, 900 or more receiving yards and 20 total touchdowns in a single season.

275: The usage rate Johnson reached of 275 rushing attempts or more and 75 receptions or more is a mark only 10 running backs in league history have reached. Future Hall of Famer LaDanian Tomlinson is the only one to do it twice and in back-to-back years when he had 685 rushing attempts and 179 receptions from 2002 to 2003.

10: Johnson is one of 14 running backs to average at least 10 yards per reception and catch 70 or more balls in a single season. Johnson, Marshall Faulk, and Herschel Walker are the only three to have at least 10 rushing touchdowns as well.

2,000: Johnson is the first player since Tomlinson in 2006 to reach 2,000 yards from scrimmage while scoring at least 20 touchdowns.

lol enough said!!! Mic drop

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numbers are good and all, but so is multiple years of numbers. you cant call DJ the GOAT, as he has only completed one season as the guy… the year you are talking about.

as for zeke being injury prone… i wouldnt call him that. he broke his wrist in 2015, and still didnt miss a game. dude hasnt missed a game to injury in his 2 years.

all those stats are fantastic. but no one holds those numbers forever. proofs in the pudding. tomlinson is one of the best ever, and still only did what he did a few times. the only thing that holds true is every player comes back down to earth, so to expect him to be like that every single game his whole career… no one is denying that he is one of the best. my whole point is you have 3 years of film on this guy. 1 year is gone due to injury. 1 year is one of the best years of all time. and the other is very sub par. granted he looked damn good in his limited touches his rookie year.

fact of the matter is, even with injuries and suspensions, bell has been consistently the best. in the 1 and a half years for zeke, he has been consistantly one of the best. gurley, sure you can say his first 2 years were just ok but the coaching changes, changed everything for him. but even though he had a sophmore slump of sorts, he had a DAMN good year last year.

all in all, i get your point. DJ is good. real good. im just not going to bank on him when there are other, healthier,on better teams, players. could DJ be the number 1 this year? hell yes. but, i wouldnt hold my breath for it. plus i know who i get with bell, zeke, and gurley. all should be in the top 5 at least. its mostly just who would YOU bank on getting that top spot. me, thats bell.

  1. I called DJ’s numbers in 2016 “GOAT NUMBERS” - you cannot deny that.
  2. He’s only 26 (entered in 2015 in a non-feature role) - they had chris johnson rolling then i believe
  3. All 3 zeke bell and dj have had/will have injury concerns - so all equal
  4. 3 years of film - hardy 3 years of film my friend - 1.5 years.

Here’s the main reason in Dynasty DJ wins.

  1. Zeke’s outside legal problems , bad boy, party animal, women issues are a serious problem
  2. Bell entered the league at 21 I believe so really how much longer does he have before this all falls apart for him?

DJ wins overall for me again in 2018.

1: you said “he is the goat numbers will talk in the coming years.” that looks like you are calling him the goat, and then saying numbers will talk. easy to mess that up. but yes GOAT numbers i cant disagree with.
2: he is only 26, but thats still older than zeke and gurley, and by a lot in football years.
3: tell me how zeke has injury concerns? he had a broken wrist 3 years ago, and got a stung hammy once. didnt miss a game. that is not injury concerns.
4: i whittled down the years following me saying that. so yes, 1.5 after losing a year to injury, and half of another was unproductive. which means you didnt get my point, he doesnt have a lot of film. thats a bad thing lol.

1: zeke does have problems outside of football, but so what? half the league does. he is a dominant player on the field. thats the only thing that matters. i mean he isnt like OBJ, posting videos of him with a lot of suspect stuff around him. only thing i see him posting is work out videos.
2: he did, and has dominated pretty much every single one. you can expect 4 more good years out of him, which is forever in dynasty.