Dynasty: Hollywood for a second and third?

Sup fam, dynasty question for you guys

Currently in second place in my dynasty league at 6-3, thinking I need to buy in and try to compete

Trade deadline is this week, not getting any bites on offers, and my receivers are thin.

Was offered Hollywood Brown for a second and a third round pick, I have 2 thirds so I’d still have one remaining.

He worth that much? He’s been pretty streaky but I think it’s more due to Lamar regressing than his own playmaking ability

Thoughts anyone? Trade deadline this week

Bumping this up! Let’s go fam

2nd and 3rd round rookie picks for Hollywood? Anyone

Let’s go boys where we at

Bumping this up

This is a tough one man. I think it depends on what you see your major holes being next year. A 3rd rnd can be a throw away since it’s a shot in the dark anyways. A 2nd rd has a much better chance of succeeding though. If you’re willing to trade your 2nd rd pick, I’d try and package it with another player to upgrade at whichever position you need.
I don’t personally think Hollywood is worth it only because Lamar’s regression as a passer is due to defenses scheming better to keep him in check. He was never a great passer in the first place and I don’t believe he will be but that’s just me.

I’d counter with the two third rounders. I’d be hoping that a second and a third gets a more reliable receiver.

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