Dynasty in rebuild - Wilson and AB for Lamar Jackson, Mike Williams, 2020 1st and 2nd


How many teams? 1QB or 2QB/Superflex?

This is not a terrible trade. However, I would want more.

Superflex. I’m left with Flacco and Brady

In Superflex, I would def want more. You should get something like Lamar Jackson, Mike Williams, 2020 1st and 2nd for Wilson alone.

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I’d be really tempted if you know where the 2020 1st is since next years rookie class should be stacked at qb. That being said you are giving up a lot, I’d probably ask for more and see what they are willing to throw in to make it happen.

He walked away - said it was too much to give up on his side🤣

Really looking to grab as many picks i can to capitalize or flip some pick before the draft next year when people are hungry for them.

Long time to wait though…

I agree with all the above comments and a someone who has blown up and rebuilt a team twice, I suggest being patient. Neither of the players you are trading are proven to be on the down slope. That owner should definitely be giving up more in superflex for Wilson and AB. Maybe you wait until mid season when a contender’s QB or WR are injured and teams are desperate. Don’t just take an offer to get picks. Picks are great but historically, they don’t pan out. I always look back at my old league drafts to remind me of that. IMHO, you should’ve gotten everything he offered plus a decent RB to balance the trade. He was lowballing. Good hunting!

Whoever is giving up Wilson/AB loses this trade horribly.

I love Mike Will personally but this severely undervalues Wilson and AB. TBH, you should be able to almost get all of that for Wilson alone.