Dynasty - Is this trade up worth Josh Jacobs

Hi All! I have the number 2 pick in Dynasty and have been offered this trade. How much more do we value Josh Jacobs than David Montgomery? I would be going RB either way. I own Gordon, Howard, McKinnon and Guice. I can start 3 with Flex

Trade away: Number 2 pick and Jordan Howard or Jerick McKinnon (the owner will take either)
Receive: Number 1 overall pick (Josh Jacobs)

personally. i myself would rather pick Montgomery over Jacobs. That’s just me

I still feel that Monty has more of feature roll chance than Jacobs.

Gruden is going to work in his other guys I feel

I can’t blame you for wanting Jacobs though. I am sure I am in the minority

Jacobs is much better than Montgomery. The gap is pretty wide.

At 1.02 though, I’d be taking Harry. He outshines the rest of the rookies by a mile. Harry and Jacobs are in a tier of their own. personally, Harry is my 1.01. You do need RBs so I get it. Think you’re giving up too much personally to move up but if you’re desperate, you could give up Howard.


I’m in the Montgomery over Jacobs club as well… watch his highlights… absolutely insane balance… can pass catch and run block… he’s a more complete back than Jacobs and I could argue went to a better situation as well

People will say blah blah Jacobs is amazing blah blah… Montgomery runs like Bell… patience, follows blocks, breaks tackles, and has plenty of speed to get it done as a workhorse… Jacobs looks frail comparatively

Problem with Montgomery is he has zero burst. And he’s not going to be shedding NFL defenders like he did in college. That’s my only worry with him, does not have the burst to hit a hole which closes much faster at the NFL level. Going to all about zone scheme running for him.

I would pass on this deal. It’s not that Jacobs is THAT much better than Montgomery, it’s that the offer itself is poor. I wouldn’t care for having McKinnon or Howard, especially Howard, and your giving up the best pick in the draft. Monty + one of those two does not equal Jacobs for me.

Thanks guys!