Dynasty - James Conner

Hi All,

I have James Conner in my Dynasty league, obviously pretty pumped about it. If this was a redraft league, I would ship him out so fast for a better player but what are your thoughts about Dynasty?

I’m still thinking about sending trade offers with him included and asking for a king’s ransom because he still seems like a question mark but could also see him as a first rounder next year.


Sell high. Conner is a Stud but if you can charge a kings ransom and get proven production right now without thinking about Bell coming back, I’d do it.

He’s def worth more than a 1st rounder to me cause either way, Bell is gone and could be his backfield next year.

Yep, I’m trying something ridiculous like Conner, Keenan Allen, and Burton for Mixon, Kelce, and Michael Thomas. Don’t think it’ll get accepted but you never know.

Would you rather have Conner or someone like Hunt or CMC for Dynasty?

I’d rather have both Hunt and CMC. Conner is still a 1 game sample size at the end of the day. I have a full season of Hunt and CMC and their usage yesterday made me even more confident. CMC had 85% of the snaps and out touched CJ Anderson in the redzone which is just awesome. Been super high on CMC all off season so glad to see the coaching staff wasn’t talking BS about making him a work horse. Similarly with Hunt, he played >70% of snaps and got 80% of the carries. So all this spencer ware nonsense can be put to bed. I focus primarily on usage the first few weeks, not just results cause TD’s come and go, but finding out which plays are on the field is most important for me.

That trade you propose, if you get it, would be a total trade rape. I think maybe instead of totally shooting for the moon, drop the Kelce part of the equation. If you give Conner/allen and Burton and you get Mixon and MT, that would be insane. Especially given that they both just exploded this week. IMO, MT is a top 8 dynasty asset next year. I think he is WR3, behind only Hopkins and OBJ.

Haha ya I won’t get that trade, unfortunately they both had crazy week 1’s. One of the teams has both CMC and Hunt and that is probably my next target.


Try and buy low on CMC / Hunt. They had a down game but the usage was clutch. I’m trying to acquire them in other leagues of mine.