Dynasty: Jaylen Samuels for 2019 2nd round?

Which side would you prefer? it would be the 2.08 in a 10 team league

If I was James Conner owner probably Samuels. If not probably the pick as I don’t think he’ll be heavily used if Conner is healthy.

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Agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird if I’m the Conner owner getting his handcuff in would be worth the price. Especially as he faded slightly after all the volume near the end of last year, Pittsburgh have mentioned that they may share touches a little more during the season so he may have some appeal as a flex depending on how that goes.

that is an excellent point. i was just going to blindly say the 2nd, but the connor point is very very good.

So after some thought, I figured I would do some more research on this. I found a guy doing a deep dive on sleepers for RBs, and he brought up a lot of really great points. One of the biggest, is about 200 targets are gone in the receiving game between brown and James. That opens the door for a guy who is EXCELLENT at catching with a QB known for throwing to the RB. Factor in Connors injury history, and that they brought in the in TE/FB coach that Samuel’s played under in college where he caught a whopping total of 195 passes in 3 years of college ball, and it really does point to Samuel’s being a really good sleeper. Now none of this guarantees him anything. Connor is still a beast, but it could work into a 50 50 split with Samuel’s taking a lot of passing down work. So with all of that in mind along with a bunch of other things he brought up, I’m keeping Samuel’s for his potential knowing full well he could be nothing in fantasy.

Samuels interests me at TE if he is still eligible. No Jesse James as a safety blanket and Vance has trouble making a full 16. Ben likes throwing to TE and this guy proved to be a legit pass catcher in both college and limited use last year.