DYNASTY Jerick McKinnon for Amari Cooper?

Hey guys I’m lacking in RB depth in my dynasty league, but I have tons of great top tier WR. Should I trade away Amari Cooper to get Jerick McKinnon?

Depends on scoring settings and your current roster but I’d be inclined to make that trade, yes. Not a lot of faith in Cooper or McKinnon, really, but McKinnon has more value.

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Jesus christ god no. Amari cooper in dynasty has way more value than McKinnon. I wouldn’t even consider this trade.

This would be trade rape for whoever is getting Cooper.

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Yeah. Big fat NO. McKinnon has been in the league 5 or 6 years and now he’s good? He’s also hurt. Again. Smacks of Crowell from last year. I’m not a huge fan of Cooper but he is young, stays on the field and has major upside. If you’re going to trade him, you can get more. I’d even wait until he gets more value in season.