Dynasty: Juju or Evans

So, Dynasty question:

Would you rather have Mike Evans or Juju SS?

Is Juju really solidified as the guaranteed asset he’s valued at? Or is losing AB more harm than good?

Juju is 3 years younger… But I can’t help but feel like trading away what feels like the safety of Evans for the unknown of Juju is just a trap.

Both receivers are great but i think they are great in a very different fashion…Mike Evans is a TD machine with a very consistent track record…JuJu is the PPR style guy with the big play potential. I could see both ending up back to back several years in a row one getting TDS and one getting receptions and yardage.

That being said the only way to make a decision is breaking down the only minor differences:

-Age really inst a factor in this decision because they are both still very young and have 8-10+ ahead of them… tiny adv juju becuase he is younger.

-QB play both have pass happy qbs with turmoil… Winston may be done with the bucs after this year and big Ben could retire in the next 2-3 years. adv Evans (if they resign Winston he could be there awhile…cant stop mother nature in big bens case unless you are Tom Brady)

Competition for targets: Juju lost his major competition in brown/bell while Evans has a rising star in godwin trying to work his way into soaking up more targets…adv JuJu

Track record: evans has posted 70+ receptions and 1k season all 5 years he has been in the league…Juju only has 2 years of stats and never been a 1… Adv Evans

This is really a 50/50 toss up and is very team dependent but my choice would be JuJu…I like the new shine of maybe he is just slightly ahead of Evans and can be a brown type of guy.

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Evans to Juju is more or less lateral. Are there other pieces involved?

No, it’s straight up.