Dynasty: Just got offered Mixon for OBJ and Singletary?

Would you trade away OBJ and Singletary for Mixon?

They are my flex options that mostly stay on the bench.

League requires 1RB, 2WR and 3 Flex

Currently starting:

RB -
Chris Carson
Jonathan Taylor
Miles Sanders


i personally would, yes

You think the upside is more likely for Mixon than OBJ? Feel like we’ve already seen the ceiling for Singletary (consistent, but now a week winner).

yeah i agree, mixon i think gets it going this year alone, and i think has a better qb for his future in this offense, especially with his extension. as long as stefanski is there with those 2 rbs in cle, and i personally don’t trust/like baker all that much, i think obj will be middle of the pack, and thats at least this year and next, unless they move him which i don’t like to bank on when making trades like this. i mean your rbs currently are great btw so its not a dying need for you but i still like mixon a lot.

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Very much appreciate the insight! Thank you

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