Dynasty Kamara?

I have OBJ and JuJu I want an Elite Back he wants a starting RB and WR back
RBs - Chubb, A. Jones, D. Cook, D. Guice
WRs Allen Robinson, Kenny G and other not so good
What should I offer or would I be giving up to much?

I want to start this will I don’t think you need Kamara. Chubb should be a low end 1, Cook (I’m bullish on him) should be a solid 1 with top 5 upside if the TDs come his way, Guice is a 2 with 1 upside when healthy, and Aaron Jones should be the same as Guice. So, I see your RBs as 2 RB1s and 2 young RB2s with some weeks they put up RB1 numbers.

But, if you’re set on Kamara; the only trade I can see is any of your RBs (let the other owner pick) and Kenny G. Again, I think they unnecessarily cuts your WR depth and I like your roster better as is; but, I fully endorse going to get your guy

A lot depends on league scoring too. Standard Chubb and Kamara probably close… ppr makes a difference, but also increases Cook’s value. That being said, if I could move Jones and Guice in a deal to get Kamara I would.

It is PPR he is not necessarily my guy but he is an Elite back and will Pair JuJu, OBJ but it will sacrifice my depth I want a better RB but it is a give and take do I go super Top heavy or solid team. I do think I can add some depth pieces with picks I have 2 20 2nds and my 1st 20 to go and get a wr maybe

Well depth is nice… but starters are what wins leagues

So would you trade A. Jones and Gollladay?

If you’re getting the best player in the deal? Yes. Essentially it’s a WR2 and a RB2 for an upper tier RB1? :wink:

Yes, i would make this trade

i didnt read anyone elses comment so this may have already come up BUT…

if its me, im offering Juju and guice. the promise of guice and juju just might be enough, and i think its good value for you. Juju is looking at regression, and not for the usual narative that you will hear right now, it has nothing to do with AB leaving. for me, its about what they are looking like they are planning to do. run heavy. im not saying Juju ill be trash, but i think he will end up more around the mid to late teir RB2s. and guice is all projection. after the injury we dont know how he will preform, what his usage will end up being, or if he even will be the main guy. but a lot of people look very highly at him.

otherwise, i dont really feel like you have to go after kamara. your RBs are all solid with a lot of upside potential. your WRs are pretty damn good but not great. so losing one would hurt no matter who it was. im never a fan of making my team worse as a whole to upgrade one position greatly.

I love Kamara, but I would not make the trade. I do not see the overall gain compared to what you are giving up. I do not think it is bad for you, but I do not see it as a win. I would hold.

That said, if you would be able to work the trade to Guice (Jones) / Kenny G I would do that. I would just not move off of OBJ / JuJu. They are a much longer play for your team IMHO.

I see that everyone is telling you to move Kenny G. But if I had to pick I’m moving Allen Robinson. Stafford had a bad year last year but he’s still a much better passing then Trubitski.

Also don’t trade for Kamara. You have solid RBs. You should look into packaging Guice or Cook and Robinson for a WR 1 and RB3 or something.

I personally wouldn’t trade Kamara for AJones and Galloday. Isn’t about who to trade, it’s about what the other owner would accept. I do find it odd in ppr format how good Kamara has been and people would rather have RB/WR 2s instead of him. As if having Kamara, Chubb, Cook and OBJ, JuJu, ARob is worse than having depth you can’t play? Always an odd argument for FF when bench depth out weighs scoring of starters :wink: AJones has proven what? Healthy liability, been suspended, on a team that is ok forgetting the RB position and Galloday on a team transitioning to run 1st team with a subpar QB. Easily take Kamara and run for those 2. Kamara top 5 players in FF PPR last 2 years? Where have the other 2 placed? Depth is good for rebuilding… starters for championships…

I am in an full ppr dynasty league and traded away Dalvin Cook and Aaron Jones for Kamara. I have OBJ and Thielen at WR and wanted a stud RB to go with them. Cook’s history of injuries caused concerns for me and I didn’t want to count on him as my RB1 and who knows what will happen with the Green Bay backfield.

Always take the sure thing over the ‘magic beans’

Yeah I’ll take that rb1

I traded juju for kamara and A.brown people are crazy!