Dynasty Keenan or Diggs?

Should I trade Keenan and Latavius Murray for Diggs? I have Josh Allen, my trade partner has Kamara.

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Howdy and welcome!

I would do that trade with a little extra kick.

I think Diggs will be no worse, and possibly a bit better, this season in BUF. I am not sure Allen will fare as well, but not a total loss of value. FWIW I do think Tyrod is a good QB and will likely not hurt Allen, but I do not think they are sticking long term with him. Who knows what a rookie/vet coming in might provide. Murray is just a guy, but I might consider asking for something else. Even a 3rd round pick. I am not certain I think there is a Murray sized gap between Allen and Diggs.

Anything to add in would help, but if you cannot squeeze more out of it I would probably still take the deal. Not a slam on Allen or a huge boost on Diggs, I just like Diggs a bit more.

I hope any of this helps and gives you something to think about!

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