Dynasty Keeper Advice

I need help picking 7 to keep as part of a dynasty Keeper league. There is no value for the players, so no penalty to keep them for a long-time. Who should I keep?

QB - Lamar Jackson (keeping)
RB - Aaron Jones, James Conner, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery
WR - Chris Godwin, Cooper Kupp, Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley
TE - Kelce, Gronk, Darren Waller

Whomever I don’t keep I’ll try to trade for a draft pick/s. I also have the first pick in the draft which I plan to pick up Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Let me know your thoughts on which 6 I should keep.

I would keep the following:

  1. Travis Kelce
  2. Chris Godwin
  3. Amari Cooper
  4. Calvin Ridley
  5. Miles Sanders
  6. Aaron Jones

Gronk will probably only be in the league for 2 years max and he hasn’t played football in a year

Waller is going to have a smaller target share with the addition of ruggs and ahgolor. Also Tyrell is back and they will hopefully pass the ball to Jacobs more often this season

Kupp is good here to but I like the other options you have at WR better.

James Conner was a waiver wire one hit wonder. Personally I don’t believe that he is a top tier running back and on top of that he has been injured frequently

David Montgomery is ok but I don’t see him going very far in the bears offense. He will get a lot of work but not a lot of production. The addition of Nick Foles may change his scenario a little bit but he is not an attractive option for me. He has a safe amount of volume and a decent floor but not much upside. Maybe I would consider him if I was in a rebuild mode.

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Thanks for your perspective and recommendations! I really appreciate it!