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Dynasty/Keeper League: Ertz or Waller?

Hey everyone,

I’m struggling with my keepers this year and have finally gotten all but one set. My final decision is between Ertz and Waller. It’s a half-ppr dynasty league. Just saw the Ballers rankings and Waller is one spot about Ertz for 2020, but is Ertz the better long term keep?

Thanks everyone!

Tough to say with Goedert around and Ertz injury issues. I don’t think Waller has as high of a ceiling, but long term he might have a higher floor. My only advice is I wouldn’t try to predict past this year. Goedert is entering year #2 and I think that brings a lot of unknowns for Ertz. I’m not going to speculate on whether or not he eats into his market share, whether his presence allows the Eagles to let him go in free agency or anything else because it’s too far away to accurately predict. Go with your gut for who you want for this year.