Dynasty/Keeper Question

Hi guys,

Dynasty novice here. We have done a two keeper league for 3 years now where we keep two people from the previous year and move forward with a draft. This year, we are keeping two guys from the previous year and doing a dynasty draft.

1st question- who would you keep for dynasty? Lev Bell, AB, or Super Kamario?

2nd question- I’m the 11th pick in the draft and think Davante Adams will be awesome from here on out. Would it be worth it to trade someone like Bell and the 11th pick to move up to the 4th pick and get Fournette? That way my dynasty team could look like Kamara, Fournette, and Davante Adams. Or should I stay put and keep Lev Bell and AB/Kamara and maybe Thielen drops to me? Thanks guys!

i love the idea of trading bell, because my 2 keepers here would be AB and kamara. i love bell, dont get me wrong. but there is risk involved. a lot of it. he could produce at a high level for 5 more years… or more likley, its this year and the year after then kind of just… slides off. if i confident in him for 5 it would be bell and kamara. powerhouse RB duo, cant go wrong. but, im not so i go the other route.

so yeah i love the idea of trading up to get another RB in your draft to start someone like fournette, kamara, and then to also have AB. thats a fantastic start hard to deny that. because the question then becomes, would you rather have in dynasty bell, kamara, and adams, or fournette, kamara, and AB? im taking the young RB duo with the best WR in the league.

I agree with Buster on this one. I would keep AB and Kamario. There’s a lot of unknowns about the future of Bell and that just scares me a bit for keeper leagues. It’s hard to give him up, I know, but sometimes you have to just make a choice and go with it.

And keep Bell, he would easily be the best player from that trade.

Ok so you both are saying keep Brown and Kamara and not do a trade? Because unfortunately I can’t keep all three and then trade one of them. I have to make a decision on who my two keepers are and then at the draft, make a trade with one of those two keepers. If that makes sense.

oh i was saying trade bell with the intention of keeping kamara and brown. that way you can go after a player like a fournette or some other young RB to pair with.

I would just keep Kamara and Brown and be happy with a great starting core.

Sounds good. Basically my two choices are a core of Kamara, AB, and someone like Thielen or Kamara, Fournette, and Davante Adams.

My question to this would be, if you keep 2, would Thielen or Adams be there in the 2nd?

Maybe Thielen, it’s a 12 team league and after everyone keeps two, we are basically in the 3rd round when we draft. I think in a startup dynasty draft, Adams would be a steal in the 3rd so I wanted to try to get him in our first round if that makes sense. But I don’t see him falling to me at 11.

He could, I could possibly see someone like Baldwin being there too. Just depends on who everyone keeps. But I would think there should be some solid WRs still there. Is it a snake or fixed draft?

True, for some reason for a dynasty draft I liked the core of Kamara, Fournette, and Adams. But I’m also trade happy. Does everyone like a group like Kamara, AB, and Thielen better for Dynasty?

No for the simple fact that RBs are harder to come by. I’m having the same issue, just different positions but I’m going to have to follow my brain and not my heart and take the 2 RBs