Dynasty league 1.9 pick

In a 10 team dynasty startup draft this weekend considering drafting Josh Jacobs in the first, I would wait til the 2nd but I know the person at 10 is a big raiders fan and don’t want to miss out. Just looking for advice if Jacobs is the right pick at this spot thanks in advance

@Ninefingerman what is the roster set up configuration look like?

1-QB 2-RB 3-WR 1-TE 1-flex w/r/t 1-k 1-dl 1-ilb 1-db 1-idp flex 10- bench 4-taxi(rookie and second year pros only)

If you really want him over some of the other players in that spot, then you definitely have to snag him, although, could go with a stud WR in front of the turn guy and just take best RB at 2.2 as well. Depends on how much you really want Jacobs this year.

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Thank you I appreciate the advise I am Leaning towards WR depending on who is left

One of the biggest things I take away too is with the 3 WR and a flex, I almost always treat it like a 4 WR league. So getting couple of those top end WRs can really help set you apart as well.

My plan was to go 3 wr and one RB In the first 4 rounds then go best available to fill out from there. This is my first dynasty I have joined So I have been playing with Several different draft strategies in mocks just to see how thinks are playing out

Have you watched the ballers talk Dynasty Startup 101 video on the UDK page?

I actually haven’t until you mentioned it I just did, I got the UDK And very happy with the info, this is the first year I’ve used it and feel way more prepared for my redraft leagues than in years passed

First year I purchased it. Last year I started listening to them, and use a promo for fantasy pros, but used only the ballers rankings to get me through the season and led me to my first victory!


Just adding on that if you really want Jacobs then pull the trigger. In a 10 team league, though, there will be some deep talent on teams. Do not feel you have to take him I guess is my advice.

On that note, I think it’s good to go in with a strategy but you have to be willing to change. Always look at the board, not just the next position in your strategy. You know what you want to do but have no idea what other drafters are planning. If you are all on the same page, pivot and reap the rewards of going a different direction.

Always draft the board and not the plan. That’s my biggest tip for a first dynasty draft.

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