Dynasty league. 1 orphan needs to be filled

The following orphan team is available. I’ve pasted the team and the league bylaws. Email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com. I’m a master’s student so I’m going to forget to check the post. Please be patient for a reply. I need to fill this team hopefully by the NFL draft. Our rookie draft will take place soon after the real NFL draft.

2018 First & Goal Bylaws

League Mission Statement

The purpose of this league is to provide a community of fantasy football players eager to come together during the NFL season for fellowship, fun, and friendly fierce competetitveness. While it’s true that the aim is to build an unstoppable fantasy team and take home money and fantasy championship glory, our goal is to be a group that everyone wants to be a part of for a long time.

Participation in the league First & Goal requires all managers reading and agreeing to the league bylaws.

  1. In Order To Participate Agreement

The process of joining the First and Goal league has potential managers reading through and agreeing to the bylaws. Once agreement is received by the commissioner, the manager will be sent the link to join the league’s GroupMe chat.

GroupMe is mandatory to be a manager. Every person must join and be available through the messenger system before they are allowed to join the league.

Once the manager has joined the league GroupMe chat, a link will be sent via email that will direct the manager to join the MyFantasy.com league.

  1. Ignorance and Amendment Changes

Upon joining the league, all managers have acknowledged, accepted and agreed to the First & Goal rules, bylaws, and settings.

A manager may not claim ignorance of the bylaws as a suitable reason for pushing for mid-season amendments and/or breaking a rule if it is stated in the bylaws. If changes to the rules and/or settings are needed at a later date, it is the responsibility of the Commissioner to ensure every manager acknowledges, understands, and agrees to the bylaw amendments.

No mid-season changes are to be submitted or requested of the league commissioner. All managers must wait till the conclusion of the current fantasy season to ask for bylaw amendments.

Bylaw amendment requests must be submitted to the comissioner via email. The commissioner will then send an email to the league informing them of the suggested change. A poll will be created via the GroupMe chat. A majority vote (7 or more votes) is required to pass the amendment.

  1. League Dues-

League dues will always be collected starting on Febuary 1 and will be due on March 1.

Please note that My Fantasy League is not a free site and charges $70 to host a fantasy league each season. This fee from My Fantasy League will be split among the managers of the league and will be included with the league dues.

League dues will be collected through League safe and the winning portions that are assigned by the commissioner will be voted on by the managers of the league to insure it is given to the appropriate managers. The total amount of dues per season is $50.

Any manager wanting to trade their next year’s picks MUST pay $25 as a non-refundable deposit for the next year. This insures the security and continuation of a successful league.

  1. Refunds-

The refund policy is straightforward: Refunds will not be given except in the event of a real-life emergency or hardship.

  1. League Payouts

Due to fluctuating My Fantasy League discounts every year, only an approximate winning split can be given. 1st, 2nd and 3rd will recieve a prize which will be similar to the numbers given below. Again keep in mind that the numbers given may change drastically year by year.

1st - $300

2nd - $125

3rd - $75

  1. Playoffs-

The playoffs will take place during weeks 14, 15, and 16.

Each divisional champion is guaranteed a playoff birth, and the top two divisional winners (decided by regular head-to-head record) will earn a first round (week 14) playoff bye. The league will use a top seeded team plays the lowest seeded team playoff system. Re-seeding will occur if the top seed is not facing off against the lowest seeded team.

  1. Rookie and Veteran Draft-

The First & Goal league draft will consist of rookies and veterans and will be a slow-email snake draft. The draft will be sometime after the real NFL draft.

The draft will have five rounds and a time limit of 10 hours per pick. The timer will freeze from 1 a.m. EST to 4 p.m. EST.

A manager is not required to use the entire ten hours to select their player. However, as a courtesy to the other managers it is suggested that a pick be made at the earliest convenience.

Trading is welcome during the rookie draft.

  1. Clearing Roster Slots

Every manager must clear sufficient roster slots (players) to accomidate for all draft picks (incoming rookies or veterans) they wish to draft prior to the draft start date. All dropped veteran players will be eligible to be drafted.

  1. Tanking

Tanking is always a concern in a league… For the sake of sportsmanship and fairness, it is asked that a manager simply not do it. Every manager is expected to set their optimal lineup to the best of their knowledge for the entirety of the fantasy season.

Managers may not blatantly attempt to hinder their lineups in order to manipulate the outcome of a regular or post season matchup. Managers that are completely out of the playoffs may not leave the kicker and defense position empty. A full, competitive roster is expected at all times for the entirety of the fantasy season.

If tanking is suspected, it is requested that the offense be brought to the attention of the Commissioner. Upon review, if tanking is proven to be more than mere suspicion, the suspected manager will receive two warnings. A third tanking infraction will result in the loss of a draft position. In extreme cases, the penalty will result in the manager being dismissed from the league.

  1. Trades-

Accepted trades will process immediately without a veto period. In the event that the Comissioner or the other managers of the league feel a trade is legitimately unfair (collusion), the commissioner will then make the decision to vote on the trade.

Poor decision making by a manager will not be considered a legitimate reason to call for a veto vote. A manager will not be permitted to call for a veto vote they are involved in. Temporary trading of players is not permitted.

There will be no trading from week 13 of the regular NFL season. Trading will resume again on February 1.

  1. Injured Reserve-

The injured reserve slot is designed for players who are designated as out or on their NFL teams injured reserve list. Questionable or suspended players are not eligible to be placed on injured reserve.

Players occupying the injured reserve slot who have been cleared to return must be moved to a non-injured reserve slot by kickoff of that players next weekly game. Managers with ineligible players in their injured reserve slots past the specified date that are spotted by the Commissioner will be sent a friendly reminder. Once a manager has been issued a reminder, they have 48 hours to remove all ineligible players from their injured reserve slots. If an ineligible player is not removed 48 hours after the first friendly reminder is issued, that manager will forfeit their final draft slection for the upcoming rookie draft. If a manager owns no draft picks in an upcoming draft, that manager will forfeit the final draft selection in the following years draft. All first reminders regarding injured reserve will be reset at the start of a new season, entitling every manager to a first friendy reminder for the upcoming season.

  1. Taxi Squad

Only rookies are allowed in the taxi squad. The deadline to demote players to the taxi squad is an hour before the kickoff of the first game of the current NFL season. After the deadline, you may not promote or demote any players.

  1. Missing in Action

It is a managers responsibility to inform the commissioner if they will be unable to log in for an extended period of time.

Managers that do not set their lineup multiple times Twice or more) throughout the season without prior notification to the Commissioner, or can not present a reasonable explanation, may not be invited back to join the league the following season.

If a manager is noticed missing without explanation at any time during the season, the commissioner will send that manager an email asking them to check in either by replying to the email or sending a message via GroupMe.

If no response is received two hours before the kickoff of the current week, the missing manager’s Lineup will be set by the comissioner using a respectable sites weekly in season ranking. The lineup of a missing manager will only be set for weeks that have not yet played. Weeks that have already completed prior to the date a manager is declared missing will remain as they were set by the missing manager.

In their duty of setting a competitive lineup for a missing manager, the commissioner may be forced to drop a player or players either declared inactive by injury, suspension, not on a current NFL roster or on a bye week. In this event, the commissioner has no choice but to use their discretion and drop the least productive player or players to pick up an active player.

Should the missing manager be unhappy with the commissioner’s movements, they may not request, beg or demand the dropped player or players be returned to their team. The manager must accept it is the consequence of not checking in with the commissioner.

  1. Orphan Teams

If a team becomes unowned any time during or after the season, it is the responsibility of the commissioner to find a new manager who will best fit the league.

In the event that an owner abandons their team mid season, it will be the responsibility of the comissioner to find a replacement for the missing managers team. Temporary managers who take over an abandoned team mid season will be the first to be offered permanent ownership of that team at the conclusion of the fantasy season.

  1. Waivers-

There are two waiver periods during a calendar year, pre-season and in-season waivers. The league will use a Blind bidding F.A.A.B. )Free Agent Acquisition Budget) system processing every day with the possible exception of Mondays.

The pre-season waiver period will begin the day following the leagues draft and will end on the day prior to the first week 1 regular season NFL game.

The In-season waiver period will begin on the Tuesday following the final week 1 regular season NFL game and will end on the day of the NFL Super Bowl. Each waiver period has a set budget of $200 and the salaries will not roll over from period to period. The trading of F.A.A.B. currency is not permitted.

  1. Best Interest Clause-

Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise from which a remedy is not stated in the rules and bylaws, the commissioner reserves the right to take what evwer actions he or she deems necessary in the best interest of the league.

  1. Roster Positions

1 - Quarterback
2 - Wide Recievers
2 - Runningbacks
1 - Tight End
2 - Wide Reciever/Runningback/Tight End Flex (WR, RB, TE)
1 - Kicker
1 - Defense
15 - Bench Slots
3 Injured Reserve
Total roster size not including injured reserve = 25

  1. Scoring

Passing Yardage = .04 per yard (25 yards per point)
Interception = -1 point
Passing Touchdown = 6 points per passing touchdown
Receptions = 0.5 per reception
Recieving Yardage = .10 per yard (1 point per 10 yards)
Recieving Touchdown = 6 points
Rushing Yardage = .10 per yard (1 point per 10 yards)
Rushing Touchdown = 6 points
Fumble Lost = -1 points
Fumble recovery for offensive TD = 6 Points
Two point conversion = 2 points
Punt/Kickoff Return for TD = 6 Points

  1. Additional Notes-

GroupMe is required for participation because leaguemates need a place where they can get in contact with one another all year round. It is also necessary to be on a platform outside the league host site because even one manager not present can make communication difficult.

  1. Slow-style email draft

It is nearly impossible to find a perfect date and time for twelve managers to come together for a fantasy draft. An email-style draft allows the draft to progress slowly over the span of approximately a month, thus allowing each manager the time to carefully consider their draft selection.

Managers with an abundant amount of draft picks six or more) are given the opportunity of a temporary roster increase. Such a move would last 24 hours from the conclusion of the rookie draft. This would allow managers time to take advantage of their traded picks, but not create an advantage that would be unfair to other managers.

  1. Vetoing Trades

Managers will not be penalized because a trade is perceived unbalanced. Time always tells whether a trade is fair or unfair. Until then it is only a guess. Everyone here wants to win, and that desire can occasionally motivate a manager to break the rules. Managers should be allowed to trade with everyone in a league, but it is requested the privilege not be abused.

  1. Agreement of Bylaws

If you agree to the bylaws, send a reply acknowledging you have read and agree to the First & Goal bylaws. After that the commissioner will send you the GroupMe link. Once the commissioner sees that you have joined, an invite to the First & Goal league will be sent. Please note that any email used for the league or the GroupMe chat must be an email checked regularly.
Open Team 2

Clemens, Kellen
Keenum, Case
McCown, Josh
Rivers, Philip
Stafford, Matthew
Cadet, Travaris
Crowell, Isaiah
Green, Tion
McCoy, LeSean
McGuire, Elijah
Miller, Lamar
Powell, Bilal
Benjamin, Travis
Crabtree, Michael
Hill, Tyreek
Jones, Marvin
Tate, Golden
Taylor, Trent
Graham, Jimmy
Witten, Jason DAL
Bryant, Matt
Gostkowski, Stephen
Tucker, Justin
Bills, Buffalo
Falcons, Atlanta

Injured Reserve
Carson, Chris
Sproles, Darren

Available picks (5 rounds)
2018: 2.06, 4.06 and 5.06
2019: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
2018 4.03 pick from Sharkbite